Ethical Business Standards

Ethical Business Practice

These concepts form the basis of The NRS Group's corporate philosophy and establish the ethical standards that the organization, the officers and employees observe in carrying out their respective duties.

The NRS Group takes pride in being a member of the logistics industry, which forms the nucleus of overall business industry. Through choice rather than compulsion, we base our activities on foundations of responsibility comprising "ethical behavior", "observance of the law" and "emphasis on safety" - all proactively. As an Excellent Company acting on sensible fair play we value our standing within society.

In order to carry out this mission, each director and employee must grasp the spirit of the standards set out below and implement them.


The NRS Group observes social norms and only engages in fair and acceptable business activities.


NRS Group enthusiastically accepts its responsibility towards the promotion of safety, health and the preservation of the environment.


NRS Group regards safety as its paramount responsibility, proactively developing and implementing the highest quality services.


NRS Group holds the high regards for the employee's character and personality and is committed to the maintenance of a rich, comfortable workplace environment.


NRS Group actively promotes the continuing education of employee with the aim of developing a team of professionals who have knowledge of the most advanced technologies in their fields.


NRS Group works toward maintaining honest and transparent relationship with clients, contractors, employees and shareholders.


NRS Group is committed to maintaining its role as a good "corporate citizen" and by respecting the cultures and customs of other countries, being a good "citizen of the world"

Standards for Business Practice

In modern business, it is of paramount importance to implement and observe ethical business practices. NRS Group has formulated 16 items that comprises our Standards for Business Practice.

"Ethical Business Practice" represents the universal way of thinking that NRS Group, its officers and employees must follow in our business activities.

On the other hand, "Standards for Business Practices" represents the way of thinking about ethical business practices that should characterize behavior in the everyday workplace.

Regarding Business Activities

1Provide high quality products, service and safety

The foundation of NRS Group's existence is to offer high quality products and service.

To make this foundation strong, NRS Group is working to strengthen product development power and improve quality in order to create new value.

Because the products and service are high quality, they are safe and the premise is that naturally they cause no harm to life, limb or property.

1Preside grasp of the client's needs

NRS Group develops and provides high quality distribution equipment and methods that satisfy the client's needs. To accomplish this it is necessary for react sensitively to the client's needs.

2The fulfillment of the user support system

NRS Group provides suitable information to the client about how to utilize logistics equipments. When a defect is unfortunately discovered, NRS Group will provide product information promptly and takes measures rapidly to prevent worsening of the damage. When there is an inquiry or complaint from the client about a product or service the response is reliable and prompt.

3Concern for safety and the environment

NRS Group takes safety seriously at all the stages of business activities, acting in compliance with applicable statutes and official guidelines and, in fields where these are not established, establishing and observing independent standards. There are various business activities that are related with safety and the environment but concretely the following points are taken seriously.

  • Maximum consideration is given to safety in the design and specification of distribution equipment and vehicles.
  • Legally required periodic examination and independent inspection are carried out strictly
  • All sorts of job standards are observed.
  • Transport and work are properly assigned
  • Logistics with minimal impact on the environment is practiced

Accidents and trouble are dealt with rapidly, and the cause is promptly investigated in order to create a plan for preventing recurrence.

2Regarding the wholesome and good relationship with the customer

NRS Group prohibits giving and getting unjust profit in both internal external commercial transactions.

All employees are expected to exercise proper judgment and moderation so as to avoid being mistakenly evaluated or dishonored.

1Relations with business customers

The sales person's job is to conclude sales, but always give the customer a precise and correct explanation of the company's products and services. NRS Group salesmen never decide arbitrarily whether to give a commission, discount, or price ct in order to promote les. Salesmen go through the designated approval procedures for giving a commission, discount or price reduction in order to promote sales.

2Relations with the supplier

NRS Group never gives a particular supplier special treatment. When choosing among more than one supplier, the person in charge of procurement chooses according established purchasing standards on the basis of fair and reasonable judgment.

3Relation with affiliates and cooperating companies

In dealings with affiliates and cooperating companies, careful consideration is given to ensure that there is no remarkable difference in comparison with general company dealings under market principles, and that impartial and appropriate terms are set up. Also, in dealings with cooperating companies, special attention is paid to ensuring safety measures and safe work, and we work with them to give mutual guidance and education with crewmen.

4Regarding internal and external social relations

Entertaining or giving gifts to customers or being entertained by or receiving gifts from suppliers is persistently done within the range of socially acceptable common practices.

3Compliances with Antitrust Laws

NRS Group is establishing/has stashed business activities in various countries around the world, and thus subject to the application of the Antitrust Laws of each country. These Antitrust Laws prohibits contracts that restrict dealing or decrease competition. Mainly, it is a violation of antitrust laws for members of the same profession or industry to confer or settle on price, quantity, or equipment, or to consult on bids. Violation of the Antimonopoly Law not only damages the honor of the company remarkably, but company officers and employees have personal responsibility for civil and criminal case. NRS Group complies with antitrust laws of each country, and NRS Group requires competition between the fair free enterprises before those business activities.

4Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property includes patents, prototype, designs, industrial property such as trademarks, work of art, copyrights such as computer software, and so on. Additionally, it includes know-how, technology, and business information that a company protects as its "business secrets". Intellectual property is the fruit of many employees efforts and of the company's considerable development expense as well. Therefore, all employees must make every effort for the creation and protection of NRS Group's intellectual property. Special attention must be paid to the transmission of business secrets not only documents by electronic media, but also orally. In the same way, diligence is also required to assure that the intellectual property of other companies is never infringed.

Regarding relations between the company and the employee

5Regarding concentrating and strengthening the overall power of NRS Group

NRS Group clarifies the roles, duties and responsibilities of each employee; attains and places employees through timely recruiting of the right person for the job at the right time and place; and strengthens the overall power of NRS Group by establishing various employment systems with an organization that can cope with change rapidly.

6Fostering talented people who dare to challenge difficultly

NRS Group defines an image for the talent we seek and supports career development that takes seriously the desire and effort of each employee and fosters individuals rich in specialization and creativity.

The qualities of the talent we seek will enable staff to

  • Maintain their enthusiasm and continually strive to improve
  • Acquire and advance their specialized skills in their role as professionals
  • Acquire a global perspective and observe and learn the standards of international business
  • Achieve positive, quality results through dialogue and cooperation
  • Promote confidence and stability in the workplace through honesty and sincerity

7Respect of privacy

NRS Group respects the privacy of each employee and exercises proper control in discussing personal information prudently and cautiously.

8Human rights and discrimination

NRS Group ensures a workplace environment which does not allow harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, belief, skin color, gender, religion, nationality, language or place of birth. Especially, the company does not condone the contemporary social problem of sexual harassment. If an incident occurs, it is investigated rapidly and decisive action in take towards relief for the victims and prevention of recurrence.

9Ideological and religious activity

NRS Group respects individual freedom of thought and religion; however employee are to devote themselves to their duties during working hours, refrain from propagating or canvassing and maintain the order of workplace.

10The ensuring of a safe and healthy workplace environment

NRS Group gives top priority to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all work activities, particularly those involving dangerous goods. Therefore, the company observes strictly all various relevant laws, regulations and statutory requirements in addition to all intra-company regulations and rules.

Regarding the relationship between the company and the employee

11The observance of laws

NRS Group carries out business operations based on laws and social norms, and on social good sense. Compliance with Antitrust Law is mentioned above (3). All employees are aware of the serious commercial and social consequences to NRS Group that could occur through infringement. All employees strive to ensure strict observance of these requirements.

Observance of various industry standards

NRS Group observes all relevant regulations that govern business activities in the industry and affect products and service, and reliably enforces the acquisition of necessary permissions and compliance with other civil procedures.

Transparent relations with politics and government

Whenever making political donations or other contributions, NRS Group observes all laws and regulations that govern contributions and donations to political or public offices and as a fair and equitable business, ensures equity and justice in political activity. Similarly, the company carefully avoids any behavior that may give rise unintended suspicion of inappropriate financial activity and continually strives to maintain open, transparent relations.

Insulation from antisocial influences

NRS Group does not associate at all with activities, individuals, or groups that exert a bad influence on social order or honest business activities. The management and staff of NRS Group believes that we have a moral obligation to positively support any activities that contribute to the prevention of anti-social behavior and the eradication of dishonest business practice.

Observe the honest business practice as an organization

Coalition with the 3rd party specialized authorities Shut off any relationship including the business activities Legal response, either civil or criminal, to emergency situation

Prohibit the secret deal or funding

Prohibition of insider trading Employees must not make use of inside information gained in the course of business relations with customers, rival companies or clients before such information is available to general investors or announced to the general public to the corporate stocks or bonds of these businesses.

12Contributions to society and the community, and other public activities

NRS Group not only contributes to society by providing excellent products and services but also encourages individual employees, acting on their own as good corporate citizens, to participate actively in and contribute positively to society. Moreover, the company respects the cultures and customs of foreign countries, caries out corporate activities to contribute to local development, and acts in the interest of creating cooperation and mutual trust with international society.

13Preservation of the Earth's environment

The management of NRS Group actively promotes both personal and corporate awareness of the need to protest and preserve the earth's environment. Therefore, of course we observe all statutes concerning environment and also exert maximum efforts to ensure that all our business activities, as well as the products and services we offer, have minimal impact on the environment.

Regarding relations with the company assets

14The collection, recording, storage and retention of information

In carrying out business activities, NRS Group collects necessary information according to appropriate rules, and accurately records business activities and actual results in accordance with statutes and routine internal regulations, and maintains the secrecy of this information. The secret information includes items both with and without capital value, but it is important for all employees to recognize the importance of maintaining its secrecy and that if this information is divulged to third parties, it could result in great damage to business activities or loss of trust from the clients. Furthermore, officers and employees who retires from NRS Group must maintain the secrecy information learned during their service and must not appropriate it for any purpose after retirement.

15The valid use of property and resource

It is important to recognize that company property must be used effectively, always kept in a usable condition and handled in such a way to prevent damage or theft, and it must not be used for personal purposes.

16Prohibition of conflict of interest

Activities of officers or employees which conflicts with the company's interests, for example having financial dealings with or working as an employee or consultant or competing firm or customer, are prohibited.