CSR activities to collect waste to restore and conserve the ocean on Ko Ngai, Krabi Province

Unfortunately, the waste especially plastic continues to increase and flowing into the ocean which can affect ecosystem and marine life like barrier reef, turtles, dolphins, whales and fish. Besides also affect the economic system in tourism cause of the deterioration of the scenery from the garbage, including from the toxic contaminated food into the ocean and then enters the food chain.


On 19th March 2022, recognizing the importance of sustainable an environment and to reflect our responsibility for society and community, NRSLT has organized CSR activities to collect garbage, and cleaning the area of Ko Ngai, Krabi. 
To prevent waste especially plastic flowing into the ocean, endangering marine life, as well as keeping the local landscape clean and beautiful with the community. 


We can collect a lot of waste, especially plastic, water bottles, straws, foam and other waste.


NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., ltd. will continue to protect an environment and aware this problem, everyone should help and support to conserve and maintaining a good ecosystem.


Thank you.

NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.